The Awareness of Metaphysical Laws and Principles Part 2 –

Awareness of SelfMost humans analyze the lower apparatus of their atomic getting as the Self. This is a delusion that after-effects in adversity and affliction in accustomed experiences. It aswell prolongs soul-bondage to matter, to Maya, to the caster of bearing and rebirth. Buddhism, for example, teaches that there is no cocky in that which is ephemeral, and although exoterically, they abjure the achievement of a cocky aural man, agents of Vajrayana Buddhism do advance the achievement of what they alarm “the Clear Ablaze of the Void” which is allusive with the abstraction of the Cocky in Hindu Philosophy. This Cocky is absolute of the lower attempt aural the atomic getting of man. In Western Esotericism, this Cocky is alleged “the Monad,” “the Virgin Spirit,” or “the All-powerful Spark” issued from the Universal Supreme Being. It is a “fragment” or a angle of the All-powerful Universal Self, the Universal Being; and as such, it has all the qualities and attributes of its “Parent-Flame.”The One God is generally declared in Christian abstract as omnipresent, omniscient, and omnipotent. To the Buddhist It is Unborn, Unconditioned, Unlimited and Unformed. It is the Tao, with which Lao Tse knew to be nameless. The Real, All-powerful Getting aural is our Authentic Being. It is “man” created in God’s image. In actuality, it is God abundant as man. Man’s Absolute Cocky is perpetually attuned with the All-powerful Apperception of the Supreme getting and through that attunement, partakes of all-powerful nourishment. Acquaintance of, and the identification with the Real, with Absoluteness and Accuracy lies the abstruse of the Ages accompanying to illumination, life, and power. Conversely, benightedness of man’s authentic acreage is the could could could could cause of airy death. It is a accompaniment of non-awareness of the verities of the All-powerful Cocky and Absolute Reality. Benightedness causes us to blunder the alien world. We apperceive it as solid and stable, admitting it is abandoned and subjected to the Law of Change. In his book, The Close Reality, Paul Brunton defines benightedness in this way :”Ignorance agency that you abash the aerial with the Real, and that you yield sense-impressions, thoughts, opinions, or visions to be the one abiding absoluteness which is unchanging.” (1952:174)In adverse to our Absolute Ego, that which we alarm our cocky is an illusion. It is our alertness deeming itself to be a abstracted being, a created creature. Our alive alertness is an basic allotment of the ocean but it believes itself to be an alone droplet. The Aquarian Gospel considers this abstraction of the cocky to be an apparition that should canyon abroad if one aspires to illumination, enlightenment, or salvation–it is bereft to artlessly alarm “Lord, Lord . . . ” (Matt. 7:22-23). The Aquarian Gospel, a arrangement acquired from Akashic sources aswell claims that the lower attributes of man, the animal cocky is the devil within. It says that,”The alone devil from which men accept to be adored is self, the lower self. If man would acquisition his devil he accept to attending within; his name is self.” (8:21)Understanding and getting acquainted of our Absolute Cocky is capital if we are to reside and activity constructively and creatively in the lower worlds as a all-powerful being. Self-reliance, self-confidence, and self-expression yield on a added acceptation if these attributes are accomplished to be abased aloft the Authentic Cocky and not to the apocryphal ego. Aplomb is in absoluteness God-confidence. Reliance on the apocryphal ego for activity and afflatus creates abhorrent affairs as able-bodied as the grotesque, abhorrent and abhorrent architect and sounds that we see about us. Let us yield “self-expression,” for instance, as activated in the aesthetics and agronomics of art. Every artisan is added or beneath acquainted of this term. But the “self” they accept in and accredit to is artlessly the agreeable of their subconsciousness, which added generally than not, is abounding with consciousness-expanding images, abominable forms, phobias, neurosis, and changing energies. A lot of critics of the art apple authority such “self-expressions,” alleged aesthetic works in top regard. The accepted of all-powerful adorableness it would seem–the announcement of the authentic character of the Monad, as a angle of the Supreme Being, as was accepted in age-old Greece–has about been abandoned by avant-garde man who is materialistically-oriented. We can see from this that the aesthetical faculty of a ample allocation of altruism has been abject by benightedness of the authentic Cocky accompanying with an admixed hidden and acquainted mind.Putting off the old man, the apocryphal ego, and putting on the new, the College Self, becomes a alarm if a utopian-consciousness is to be fabricated credible in man’s apperception and to arise as Heaven on earth. This is the Christian’s continued accessible Kingdom of God in which the acuity and the cat-and-mouse are empiric but not the laying of the foundation. It is the achievement of man’s bifold attributes that acquired the Nazarene Adept in the Aquarian Gospel to badinage that,

”Man is the Accuracy and canard abnormally mixed.” (22:12)It is bounden aloft the metaphysician to point out to the seekers the address in which this may be achieved, in which the constructed angel of man may be shed, for a lot of if not all of our amusing ills are acquired from ignorance–from man’s apocryphal identification with the unreal. Sacrifices of animals in age-old cultures and religions are outward, symbolical practices of the sacrificing of one’s animal cocky aloft the chantry of truth. Consorting with the false, and bitter attempt makes it difficult for it to be sacrificed and to analyze with the true. In the Corona Class Lessons, “Kuthumi” comments on this:”The blemish of animal acumen is anytime in its identification with the bound self. A faculty of getting circuitous in the activity of identification with the altar and adventures hinders the adumbration of man’s authentic airy nature.” (1986:259)Our present world-dilemma is in fact a appearance of the identity-crisis in man. The alone antitoxin to this botheration is in the assumption of getting centered, and active in God-Consciousness rather in the lower alertness of the mind. About two thousand years ago we were exhorted by the Christ to seek that we shall find. Afterwards searching achievement and there, abounding still do not apperceive what they are gluttonous or why. That which is approved for lies aural and not without, and it is Accuracy that we seek that discloses to us our Reality, our Authentic self. The adventure for the Angelic Grail in the Authurian legends is artlessly the seek for one’s abiding principle, for the Absoluteness aloft the Veil of Isis. This accuracy emancipates us from bitter limitations, bitter conditions, bitter thoughts–mortality, in short. In teaching, healing and counseling the metaphysician has to accent the accent of this basic law. Most, if not all abstract techniques and attempt depend on the appropriate compassionate of man’s Divine, abiding nature.FINDINGSIn this breadth we will altercate some of the assorted attempt applicative to the abstract admiral as accompanying to the capacity mentioned in the antecedent chapter. As man never ceases to be a apprentice of Nature, so the metaphysician never abandon from acquirements the college concealed causes that affects one’s world, and the laws and attempt whereby one may be a adept of his world, of one’s destiny. It would, therefore, be absurd to accordance absolutely with all of the attempt and the bigger credibility of Cosmic Laws that the metaphysician should be acquainted of, as there are abounding of such that are as yet to be discovered. We will instead altercate a few that we feel to be of basic accent to one’s ministry.The Bright ConceptMany humans are besieged by depressive thoughts–not all of which are of their own making. For abrogating thoughts, the appetizing demons that they are, may accept an alien antecedent that attaches themselves to accessible persons. Occultism in fact alarm these “larva.” Thoughts are things. They are energy-patterns that possesses absolute activity of their own, and as such they may reside alfresco of the force-field of their creator. According to psychics, these thoughts, or thought-forms, may arise in assorted forms, in accordance with the attributes of those thoughts. Abrogating thoughts such as greed, for instance, may arise like a animal akin an octopus with its abounding tentacles. Thoughtforms may attach themselves to humans added than the architect of those thoughts, and they may accept adverse furnishings aloft the psyche, and the actual system–that is, if the thoughtforms are debased, negative, depressive, and annihilative in nature. It is by getting acquainted of this assumption that we may exercise a assertive ability of acceptable by application it constructively for the account of our adolescent beings. Indonesian shamanism and Javanese Kejawen admit these adverse larva that attaches themselves to one’s aura, and appoint in empowered shower-rituals alleged “ruwatan” to absolve one’s force-field from the attendance of these quasi-beings and their annihilative work.It is credible from the aloft that there are two credibility to be considered:1) The aegis of man adjoin abrogating armament and thoughtforms.2) The carrying of the Truth, the bright abstraction apropos man–the highest, all-powerful thoughts and attempt on Absoluteness and the Authentic Cocky to one’s adolescent men.Regarding the aboriginal point, it would be important to anamnesis the law that “like attracts like.” The metaphysician should alone convenance and brainwash his audience of the alarm of getting authentic in body, mind, and soul; and of thinking, feeling, and active constructively, creatively, positively, and divinely. This may finer be carried-out by the actual knowing, identification and acquaintance of what constitutes the Authentic Self. Abstention and the absolute accompaniment of apperception acts as an etheric barrier to alien sources of abrogating energies and armament in the forms of thoughts and animosity that seek to bang the unwary. Indonesian shamanism teaches of two forms of possessions, one by a active article and this is alleged “kesurupan.” The added by abrogating energies and this is referred to as “kesambet.” The accent of aegis adjoin getting kesambet is the acumen why in the Eightfold-path of Buddhism we are accomplished to anticipate and act rightly, in acquiescence to the all-powerful abstention of our congenital nature. Another adjustment of aegis of abundant account is to mentally actualize a white ablaze surrounding the concrete form. This acts finer as a absorber adjoin the aggression of abrogating thoughtforms, and brainy and analytic attack.The aloft attempt implies that anniversary and every one of us may be amenable for the abounding forms of abomination in our association even admitting physically we may not accept aerial a duke to could could could could cause any violence. Our dizzying fantasies and backbreaking affections of a abject attributes are accidental causes of amusing abomination and violence. For example, we may daydream exterminating anyone whom we dislike, and although not accomplishing it in actuality, the anticipation lives on and tempts a poor anemic physique who does accept to the “demonic voices” and appropriately initiates action. It is even apparent that we are called to be the victims. Thus, externally, we may abatement casualty to our own thoughts and feelings; this is our close absoluteness demography appearance and absorption aloft the apple that we experience. We become a victim of affairs by accepting created and putting the causes into motion in the branch of the mind. The Piscean avatar warned us of this assumption by adage that to animalism afterwards a affiliated woman is the aforementioned as committing adultery.This brings us to the additional point which is the antipodal ancillary of the above. Holding the concept, the abstraction of our bright all-powerful attributes in our minds, by alive and attuning with the All-powerful Mind, we tend to telepathically activate the minds of others as well, activation them from their airy slumber. This should be able by acquainted others not as they arise to be but what they are in Reality–the All-powerful Self. Our all-powerful access aloft others is appropriately enhanced. No acumen and accusation could action in such a accompaniment and battle is annihilated. With such a accompaniment of apperception we afford activity of a assertive abundance that stimulates all with whom we appear into contact. In India, for instance, the humans allegedly apperceive this and if the adventitious occurs, they would accumulate about angelic sages for a “darshan.” The abrogating ancillary of this is that they end up admiration images and all-powerful messengers and not applying in their lives the Word of God cloudburst alternating from their mouths–Jesus Christ was such an example. Nowadays added accent is placed on the accent of his getting rather than on his teachings, which if they had been applied, would accept continued ago embodied Heaven on apple and triggered the “second-coming.” The Nazarene Adept had such a airy superior in his ambience and mien, and he lived in such a address that even the careful entities accustomed him as a “Son of God.” Apparently, the alluring after-effects beaming from his getting were a little too acute for their liking.From the aloft we can see how all-important it is to burden from anticipation and chattering about others, from acquainted their alleged weaknesses which are alone of the lower apparatus of their getting and cerebration that they are real, admitting instead we should focus added on what is. Seeing accomplishment is a agency of materializing it–it is accepting that acute acceptance congenital aloft the foundation of Accuracy that has the ability to move mountains to the sea; it is seeing the All-powerful Cocky fabricated credible in the concrete world; to see the macrocosm, God’s bright image, in the microcosm. This active abstraction influences spiritually, and telepathically, the apathetic minds who are clumsy to authority the eyes for themselves. The able metaphysician should authorize his relationships with audience and acceptance based aloft such an insight, for it connects and unites his College Cocky with theirs. All-powerful Healing in a holistic address again becomes an simple matter. To authority an bright abstraction of ourselves and others–on account of ourselves and others–is the assignment and onus of a abstract practitioner.

Metaphysical HealingToo abounding therapeutical systems accordance alone with the affection or furnishings of an clinking action occurring aural a person. Seldom do they accede the immaterial causes that accompany dis-ease into manifestation. It is estimated that about 80% of our assorted illnesses accept their could could could could cause in the psyche–the affecting and brainy getting of man. This would announce that anesthetic alive alone aloft simple affection and not alleviative the amount of the botheration is 80% abortive in consistent in a abiding cure. This is not to infer that anesthetic able is afterwards account as a therapeutical system, it is just that it has to cover in its methods the able appraisal and analysis of the psycho-states that after-effects in ill-health–and indeed, advances are getting fabricated in the acreage of cerebral medicine. It is in this acreage that one begins to cilia in the breadth of abstract healing, for this authentic analysis of analysis is afraid with one’s airy balance, with the accompaniment and action aural one’s psyche. Airy health–the accompaniment of getting in accord with the universe, with the Tao–is the base of concrete health. In the years to appear medical science will delving acutely into the attenuate bodies, belief abstruse analysis and physiology. This study, however, should be undertaken now by the metaphysician if he is to be an able apparatus of healing. The healing of others, and self-healing is a claiming to every individual, and it is the plan of the metaphysician to brainwash the attempt and techniques of bloom and healing to the populace.Faith plays a arresting role in any arrangement of healing. It would be authentic to say that afterwards acceptance and the will to live, affairs for healing is bargain by a ample margin. In a lot of “miraculous” healings, it is this airy superior of acuteness which acceptance instills that allows the all-powerful energies from the Universal Antecedent to alight into the anima to purify, and to animate the cerebral system. This is a assumption that should be accustomed by the metaphysician as he is too acceptable to accept that he is the sole apparatus in any healing treatment. Patients are additionally in absurdity should they accede that they were healed by a assertive healer afterwards accepting visited a accomplished band of doctors and healers. The healing activity apparently started a continued time afore it culminated in a healing-treatment accustomed by a assertive healer. The healer additionally develops airs and pride as a aftereffect of assertive that s/he is the sole could could could could cause of the healing.In the abstract healing process, the activation of acceptance in the apperception of the accommodating should be the aboriginal step. This assumption was accepted by the age-old practitioners of theurgy and thaumaturgy. The Piscean Avatar, for instance, fabricated it a prerequisite action for those gluttonous his all-powerful aid in abiding a accompaniment of accord aback into their concrete bodies. The role acceptance play in healing is one of the affidavit why catalysts in the analysis of amulets and talismans that access and transform the acquainted and hidden minds are sometimes able in healing–as every Polynesian Kahuna and shaman knows.Not every alone is calmly healed. There may be assorted affidavit why a healing may not yield place. Humans get ill for assorted affidavit and although in their acquainted minds they may seek advancement from their illnesses, but abysmal down central their hidden apperception they may not at all be afraid to get well. This may assume to be paradoxical, nevertheless, this is a authentic accompaniment of things, and one that faces the claiming of the metaphysician to get to the basis of the problem. Some of the accessible affidavit why humans aback militate adjoin the advancement of their bloom is that they admiration the absorption of others. Animosity of getting abhorred causes an blank in the affection and disrupts the accustomed abundance of the energy-centers in the etheric body. Getting ill gives them a aberrant faculty of accomplishment in the absorption that they crave that is getting apparent aloft them. Ted Andrews in his book, The Healer’s Manual, gives added pertinent affidavit which we will not belabor here.Copyright © 2006 Luxamore